Eliminate forgotten follow ups, forever

Musubi automatically sends you foolproof reminders to reconnect with your most important contacts sales friends clients mentors realtors investors prospects bloggers

It's autopilot for your networking

Automated reminders help you keep in touch with sales leads, business associates, friends, venture capitalists, investors, mentors, accountants, clients, old bosses, Realtors, bankers, lawyers, customers, influencers, writers, friends of friends, dates, college buddies, pen pals, acquaintances, adventurers, somebodies, nobodies, everybodies, and more

It's hard to remember everyone in your network, which means that we often let valuable relationships go stale. Musubi can automatically detect and remind you of people you don't even know you're forgetting, rejuvinating those connections. Learn more →

Automatic groupings

Don't want to bother creating groups? We'll automatically build a set of groups for you based on who you speak to weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Custom reminders

Musubi lets you set custom reminders for special groups. Want to follow up with a hot sales lead every 3 days? Every Friday? You can do that.

Unlimited groups

People don't fit in neat categories, so our contacts can be in multiple groups at the same time. Reminders will automatically work out overlaps.

Advanced options

Control every aspect of your groups through our advanced options. Set auto-placement, email alerts, and more with just a few clicks.

Your contacts, together at last

Painlessly integrate all of your address books

Don't remember if that contact sent an email to the inquiries address or just your personal mailbox? Responding from multiple email addresses? Don't worry - our system will process and collect any contacts it finds into a single, unified address book for you. Learn more →

Know the source

Ever wonder where an email came from? Our system automatically groups contacts by email account, allowing you to see who made first contact.

Total context

Musubi can show you every conversation you've had with this contact across all your email accounts - don't struggle to piece together the story.

Intelligent merging

Keep in touch with a person, not a specific email. Musubi's intelligent contact merging will automatically mege multiple emails for a contact.

All of your inboxes

With our premium plans, integrate as many inboxes as you'd like. We will aggregate them all into your account.

Grows with you, big or small

Unlimited possibilities, custom fit to your needs

There's no software to install, no plugins you have to use. Musubi's built entirely in the cloud, it's always available, always up to date, and always ready for whatever you throw at it. Learn more →

Always Ready

Musubi will run in the background without any input. We'll automatically keep track of conversations for you in real time.

Future-proof Updates

We're constantly tweaking to make Musubi a better experience for you. You get all of our tweaks in real time: no new versions to buy.

Grows with you

Have 1 mailbox? 10? Musubi's scalable infrastructure means that we can handle as many inboxes you can.

Plays well with others BETA

Our team plans let you share contacts, reminders, and messages across multiple users. Coordinating has never been easier.

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